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There have been many transformations every year on how I approach my MacBook Pro, mainly due to ever changing new obsessions that would last for a few weeks. However, this year there has been two factors that changed the way I approach how I use my MacBook Pro. The first being the introduction of ADHD into my life by ways of formal diagnosis. Since now that I’ve been diagnosed, and therefore more aware of how my mind operates I’ve set out new ways counter some of the inabilities that a person without ADHD would have to worry about. Secondly, a new change in my academic career from biochemistry to computer science. Now, not only does this change the way I study, but it also changed the way I use my computer. A year ago I was doing an all digital lives style, this semester, however, I’ve gone back to paper and pencil implementation as well as using my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. As the year comes to an end, here are my top apps for the Mac that I’ve used.