We will cut the crap, and teach you how to use your phone. Or computer. Or your 16 Colleague Team. Or your cats. Oh, also if you're poor or for a social justice cause, we won't charge you ( Unless you want to pay us ) .   ~Ben Sayler

Why do we do this?

We believe the speed of technological innovation, and the openness for new software products allows for more confusion in how to get our works whether social or for profit, done. Our job is to help you, your group, or your team, to work more effectively and productivity in mitigating the time that's being lost. 


If you are poor or is a part of an organization for social justice,  then I will help you and or your organization free of charge after you or your group passes the consultation. (We will also gladly take your money if you wish to pay as well.) 

What if you can't afford this? 



Apple Users who don't know how to use their phone


Mac users who don't know how to use their mac


Mac users who actually know the shortcut for screen shot. 


According to this research team at "Insert the company name", blah blah blah blah 

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Give us money

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